9 Super Popular Design Trends That Bring More Hassle Than Good

We tend to research interior design ideas online before we start a renovation. Although we all love photos that showcase light walls, bold design options, and beautiful modifications, we often forget that these people live in these apartments and are not just taking photos. It might be helpful to remember that although black kitchen facades look great, they tend to get dirty much faster than other colors.

Kitchen hardware that is smooth and shiny

Photos of elements made from stainless steel, glossy, and other kitchen furniture look great. We are captivated by the brilliant shine of microwave ovens and fridge handles. But everyday life is much simpler because dirt can quickly accumulate on metal surfaces. The handle of a refrigerator is covered in stains if it’s opened with a damp hand.

Traces of grease on the handles and sides of the microwave oven have to be cleaned quite regularly, while steel

A pallet bed can be stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly. You can make it with your hands. It looks unique and draws attention. These beds have drawbacks.

Unprocessed wooden pallets attract lots of dust because of their porous structure. The second factor is how these pallets were used previously. There’s a possibility they’ve been used for “dirty jobs” and could be infected by harmful or toxic substances. You can also buy regular wooden beds instead of pallets.

Instead of a closet, use clothing racks

Photos of people using an open rack to hang clothes are abundant on social media. This rack can look very nice, especially if the clothes match the interior of the room. In real life, however, it can quickly become messy because clothes are often hung incorrectly in a rush or simply placed over the rack.

If you aren’t sure you can keep your things organized on a regular basis, it’s best to get a classic closet.

Instead of a TV, a projector

9 Super Popular Design Trends That Bring More Hassle Than Good

Every now and again, items from the past like vinyl discs or Polaroid cameras return to our lives. Projectors are also gaining popularity. Projectors are often purchased in lieu of TV sets. This is because they can be used to project movies onto the screen. It will also make the space feel cozier.

Projectors do have some disadvantages. You will need a special screen, or at the very least a light wall to project it. It’s also difficult to see something in the daylight because it is too bright. This means that you will need blackout curtains. You will also need accessories to your projector. All in all, its maintenance and service will will cost more than a TV set.

Black furniture pieces

9 Super Popular Design Trends That Bring More Hassle Than Good

Black kitchens or black separate pieces look expensive and extravagant. Black pieces can cause problems in daily life and need special care. Hard water can cause staining on furniture. This is something that owners must wipe off with a soft cloth for long periods of time.

Black facades, no matter how glossy or matte, can make a room appear ” heavier,” especially in small spaces. If you are unsure whether a black kitchen is right for you, it’s best to choose light colors.


As we have seen in movies, the fireplace is undoubtedly the focal point of cozy Christmas evenings. Unfortunately, reality is quite different than the image. There are many disadvantages to a fireplace. An open fire can be dangerous. It also requires maintenance. You will need to clean the ash, prepare firewood and monitor the flames. It is important to consider the ventilation system of the house. Otherwise, the smell from burning wood can spread throughout the house. A fireplace is not an inexpensive pleasure.

You can choose a bio fireplace instead of the traditional fireplace. It is more secure and affordable.

A tall faucet for the kitchen

Interior designers often try to arrange furniture in rooms organically. In small apartments, interior designers may try to make up for a smaller sink bowl by using a higher faucet. It’s convenient because you can wash large pots and jars. Some owners such faucets have the problem of water leaking from the faucet onto all surfaces.

A faucet like this can splash water on countertops and cause damage to the countertop. When renovating your kitchen, you want to preserve the golden middle. Choose a sink basin with a moderate depth and a faucet that is at an optimal height.

Brick walls

Many designers are now using brickwork in their interiors as the loft style becomes more popular. It might look appealing at first, as brickwork is durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

But bricks in the interior have their open storage trend is a recent one. This is where items are stored on shelves and not in closed cabinets. Open storage is not the best choice for a kitchen. Open storage can collect dust and make it difficult to use your tea cup. It’s best to avoid placing open shelves near the stove, hood or sink. These are the “dirtiest” areas in the kitchen. Grease will always be on the shelves and dishes.

Transparent cabinets can be installed in place of open shelves.

What new design trends do you think add more hassles than they make easy?