49 Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

These life hacks will make your daily tasks (and a few other projects) much more manageable.

Pasta Lighter

We are sure that you have stocked up on warm-smelling candles for winter. If your candles aren’t burning enough to reach the wick, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite scent. Light a piece uncooked spaghetti instead of burning your fingers. It will reach deep into the candles, and it will burn long enough for grandpa to light the candles on his birthday cake.

Saving money is something everyone enjoys, especially when it involves home improvements. These 35 handy tips are so cheap that they can be used every day.

Remove Highlighter Stains

Do you ever wish you could erase highlighter marks from a book. Lemon juice can fade highlighter so much that it is almost impossible to detect. Take a half lemon and squeeze some juice onto a cotton swab. Then, run the cotton swab across the highlighted text to see the color fade.

The trick works well with lemon juice in a container. Although it worked less well with the marks we tested, it was still possible to get rid of stubborn marks. Plus, these secret cleaning tips are from the pros .

Puppy Slow Feeder

My dog was vomiting his food back up after he ate it too fast. I instead of buying a slow-feeding bowl for my dog, I made holes in a 12-inch diameter. Length of 2 in. The ends were capped with PVC pipe. The tube is filled with puppy food. He has to roll the food around in order to get it out of the holes. My puppy has all the food he needs, without having to eat too quickly. Make sure that the holes are big enough to allow the food to flow out. – Charlie May

These unusual and clever ideas will make your pet happier, healthier, and more comfortable. They can be used with items that you already have around the house.

At a Glance: Identify Your Keys

It seems that the older I get the more keys I have. My keys are scattered all over my car, garage, house and shed. Brightly colored nail varnish is applied to both the head and sides of my keys to make it easy to find them quickly. Each key is different. You’ll be amazed at how durable the nail polish lasts.

Pool Noodle Water Hose

A pool noodle is a great option if you have a large bucket to fill. Place the bucket on the ground, and then slip the pool noodles over the faucet. These pool noodles hacks will make your life easier.

Keep your seeds fresh

You can save your seeds packets if you don’t use them all. Keep them in an airtight container and add silica packets for next year. The silica packets protect the seeds from getting moldy or germinating. These 10 essential gardening tips are essential for beginners.

Silica packets available on Amazon.

Fog-free Mirrors

After a hot shower, prevent your bathroom mirror fogging up with car wax. Use a little car wax on the mirror. Let it dry and then buff with a soft, dry towel. Expert tips to save big on your next bathroom remodel

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Simple Way to Clean Legos

Toys for children are a breeding ground of germs. To quickly disinfect toys that can be washed, such as Legos, a dishwasher is a great tool. To quickly clean Legos:

  1. To keep the Legos contained, place them in a laundry bag.
  2. Your dishwasher should be run as normal.
  3. However, you should remove Legos from the dryer and let them dry on a towel.

This technique works for all treasures such as seashells, dish brushes and sponges.

This clever Lego keychain project will ensure that you never lose your keys again.

In minutes, your furniture can be renewed

My son covered all the furniture in his bedroom with stickers from arenas, skate shops and gumball machines. After he left, I was able to move his furniture into the new room. To soften the adhesive, I used a putty knife and a hair dryer to remove all of the stickers. They are more difficult than others, but they were all easy to remove in just a few hours. – Steve Winter

Tape Template

Hanging picture frames, shelves, and other items is easy with “keyhole” hooks. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Place a piece masking tape on the keyholes. Then, trace the keyholes using a pencil to create a template.
  2. Make sure the template is level and stick it on the wall.
  3. Make sure to drill anchor holes in the template.

Even if your tape measure skills are good, you’re sure to learn new techniques from this 25 list.

With Zero effort, you can get wrinkles out of your laundry.

To get rid of wrinkles from a shirt or slack, you can ditch the tedious ironing or handheld steamer. With your wrinkled clothes, you can use a few ice cubes and a wet towel in the dryer. The wrinkles will disappear as the ice melts and turns to steam. While this trick works well with heavier clothes, it is not as efficient for lighter clothing. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to dry your clothes. These 20 small laundry rooms ideas will make the most of the space in your laundry or utility area.

Design for Plant-in-a Pot Landscaping

Do you ever wish that you could organize your garden and see the beautiful mature plants? This is a smart way to do it. To make your plants nest in one another, you will need several pots that are the same size. Place your plants in doubled pots and then bury them at the ground. You can always take the top pot out and place a new one. This is a great way to bring indoor plants in winter. This is a great way to quickly change out seasonal plants. It also allows you to experiment with color and the placement of flowers and plants.

You want to bring more color into your landscape this year? These 49 Colorful Flowers Will Brighten Your Landscape.

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

You need tinder (easy to light material), kindling, and fuel (logs) in order to properly build a fire. Dryer lint is a common source of tinder. I use dryer lint to make fire starters. To do this, I stuff empty toilet paper tubes full of dryer lint. My dryer lint “logs”, which light quickly, can easily light long enough to light the kindling. I don’t even need to use lighter fluid.

Zip-Tie Phone Stand

Most people use their phones to display images and instructional videos when referencing plans for a project or a photo as inspiration. This method has one problem: the phones can’t be propped up so it is difficult to see the images while you work. It’s easy to make your smartphone stand out from almost anything by simply looping 1 zip tie around each side of your phone. Simply tighten the zip ties around your phone until they are secure. Make sure the zip-tie head faces down. You can now view video instructions and look at project drawings from anywhere without holding the phone.

You should also think twice about charging your phone in your car the next time. Find out why you should not charge your smartphone in the car.

Secret Cash Stash

“Sometimes, I don’t want my wallet around. For example, I can’t leave my wallet at home while I swim at the beach. However, I need cash to buy food and drinks. I made a secret cash stash out of an empty tube for lip balm. An empty sunscreen stick could be used in the same way. You can use a long nail to remove any lip balm residue, while a cotton swab will wipe away any waxy residue.

The tube is small enough to be carried in my pocket and fool potential thieves. Jenny Stanley: “Who would steal someone’s used lips balm?”

DIY Drip Waterer

This is an easy way to make any hose a drip-watering one. Drill 1/8 inch. Drill holes every 2 inches. Screw a cap to the end. Turn on the spigot and wrap the hose around the plants. To find the best setting, you will need to test it. I also added a timer to the faucet to make watering easier. — Matt Boley

These handy tips for the outdoor are worth a look

The Ultimate Extra Hand

It is difficult to carry a sheet plywood on your back alone. My favorite method is to create a loop using an 18-ft. length rope and wrap it around the two corners. The rope can now be used as a handle. – Ken Porter

Now that plywood can be carried in your shop, you can make amazing reindeer from plywood. Follow the article here.

How to double your resealable bags

This is the best way to convert sandwich-sized bags into snack-size ones! Here’s how it works:

Use a lighter to heat an old butter knife and cut the bag in half. The edges of the bags are cauterized by the hot knife. The factory sealed edges will not withstand the cauterization. – Julia Trenton

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What if there is no air pump? No problem! No Problem!

You can use your vacuum shop to inflate pool toys or air mattresses if you don’t own an air compressor. Simply remove the top from a plastic squeeze bottle, and attach it to the vacuum’s hose. Duct tape may be required. Attach the top to the hose and attach it to the vacuum’s exhaust port. In no time, your inflatables will be blown up. Attach the hose to the vacuum port, and let the air escape.

These 11 super cool beach inflatables will elevate your beach game to a new level.

Instant Picture Frame Bumpers

Use hot glue to stop wall frames from moving around and scratching wall paint. Hot glue prevents movement and holds the photo away from the wall to avoid scratches and nicks.

Carpets need to be cleaned

I thought dropping a loaded paintbrush onto the carpet meant that it was going to be replaced. But, a former foreman gave me this tip. Use a rag to remove the paint. You should use a rag that is the same color as the carpet. The alcohol may transfer some of the color from the rag to the carpet. – Tom Gerdowsky

You need denatured alcohol. You can buy it at Amazon

Picture Frame Message Board

Although I love dry-erase message boards they are often very unattractive. I use picture frames to make my message boards. You will need a picture frame, some paper and some tape to make these message boards. The paper can be cut to fit the frame, and placed behind the glass. You can use the glass as a dry erase surface. — Jessie Dawson

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Easy Mulch Spreading

Mulch in small containers makes it easier to get mulch close to plants and shrubs. So I fill my wheelbarrow with pails and buckets of mulch. It doesn’t really matter if the mulch falls in the bucket or lands in your wheelbarrow. After you have finished dumping the buckets in the bin, place the mulch in the wheelbarrow on an open surface and spread it. — Eric Swartz

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You can make any rug more comfortable

You can make your rug extra luxurious and plush by adding carpet padding. You can add a layer of carpet padding under your rug. It’s thicker than regular rug pads and is cheaper. Your feet will be grateful when you clean that stack of dishes out the sink.

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Lampshade Lint Roller

Fabric lampshades attract dust and hair. They are too heavy to just be thrown in the washer, so you have to do something. A lint roller is a great option. Lampshades can become fragile and even brittle, so be careful. A damaged lampshade can be worse than a torn one.

Taller Table Hack

To layout projects, I use a 6-foot folding table. The table’s height is designed for someone who sits in a chair. My back was hurting from constant bending over to use the table, so I devised a solution. I used two 2-ft. lengths (1-1/4-in) of PVC pipe. I purchased PVC pipe at my local home centre and had it cut into four 11-in. Stilts for my table.

I placed the pipes on the legs, and the table was raised 6 inches. This made it more comfortable for me to work from. The table legs bend at 5 inches. The pipes are held in place by the ground, so the table is as strong as ever. If I need to lower my table height to be able to use it from a chair, the stilts can easily be removed. Gary Inlow

Carpet Gum Can Be Removed

Gum freezes and becomes brittle, which can lead to it easily breaking apart. To remove gum from carpet quickly and efficiently, you can freeze it.

  1. You can place a sandwich bag containing ice cubes over the gum, and leave it for about half an hour.
  2. Once the gum has frozen, you can break it up and pull it from the carpet. No trace left behind.

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Simple Lawn Edging

Lay a 2×6 to edge your garden, lawn, or flowerbed. Holding the board with one foot, place a flat spade along its edge. To create a straight, clean line, move the board as necessary.

These 23 Yard Tools Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier. These smart and simple updates to your everyday yard tools will make outdoor chores much easier this season.

DIY Wood Filler

You can make a versatile woodfiller by simply using Elmer’s wood glue and sawdust. You can stain it or finish it like other wood fillers. However, the color of the wood will likely be different from the surrounding wood. It’s paintable, sandable, and long-lasting. “I haven’t purchased any wood filler for over 50 years.” Dan Gola

Get quick cold drinks

Wrapping a damp paper towel around a hot can or bottled beverage, and then putting it in the fridge to cool it down faster, is this possible? Some people believe that the can is analogous with your body and the wet towel is analogous with sweat. It’s known that sweat evaporates heat from the body and causes a cooling effect. So, it makes sense that the same thing should occur with canned beverages in the freezer. Online, there are many “expert” opinions supporting both sides of this argument. It seems to be working for me. You can try it yourself! — Edward Kral. Plus: Did you know that a tennis ball can be used as a bottle opener too? You can see how it works here.

Healthy Plant Hydration

Root rot can be caused by water settling in the bottom of pots. You can combat this problem by removing old sponges from the bottom of your pot and putting them there. The sponges trap moisture and provide air space. They prevent water from escaping the bottom. The sponge is a water reserve that keeps the soil moist for longer.

Are you a gardener but are short on time? These are some tips to help you water, plant and weed better so that you have more time for enjoying the scent of your roses.

Your Shoes will look new

To make your sneakers look brand new, all you need is a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Non-gel toothpaste is great for cleaning white sneakers. However, colored toothpaste can stain sneakers. Use an old toothbrush to apply toothpaste and work the paste into the problem areas. After ten minutes, leave the toothpaste on your shoes. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth. If necessary, repeat the process.

Toothpaste not only keeps your smile healthy, but also makes it easy to clean up around the house. These 50 amazing things toothpaste can do .

Lawn Mower Grass Saver

To save time and avoid string trimming, I prefer to mow as close to buildings and trees as possible. The grass chute on my riding lawnmower prevents me from doing this. I made a hole in my chute and attached a rope to the handle of the tractor. I am now able to lift the chute with no effort and reduce string trimming. Travis Larson

How to make durable sandpaper

“I finish-sand freehand. I don’t need a sandpaper block to smooth out edges and reach into tight spaces. The finer grits, however, are often bonded to thinner papers. For me, this means that the paper ends up tearing much faster than the grit. The back of the sandpaper is covered with duct tape. It’s still flexible enough for sanding a precise radius, but it’s much more durable. This super-strong sandpaper can be used like a shoe shine rag.” Chuck Merchant

You can save your phone charger with this simple hack

This simple trick will make your phone charger last longer than two weeks. First, remove the spring from the pen. Next, pull one end of spring off the pen and wrap it around the charger cable. This may require you to use pliers. Next, wrap the spring around the cable so that it is fully on the charger cable. Next, wrap the heat shrink tubing in the right size and place it on top of your phone charger. To heat the heat shrink tubing, use a lighter until it fits around the spring and charger. This will prevent the cord from breaking further, or even from ever breaking at all!

You can safely and effectively sweep up glass

Anyone who has ever used a dustpan and a standard broom to sweep the floor knows all about that irritating dust cloud. This annoying line of dust won’t disappear, no matter how many times it’s swept up. This annoying line can be easily eliminated by tapeding the dustpan’s front to the floor using blue painters tape. No residue will remain on the floor. This will seal the space between your floor and the dustpan.

This tip is also great for cleaning up dangerous items such as glass. You can rest assured that any glass fragments found in the floor will not be able to get into the dustpan with the tape combination.

These 14 helpful hints will help you clean your home. To keep your home clean and tidy, you don’t have to use expensive appliances or special products.

Make Your Own Ice Pack

Ice packs are great for keeping your lunch cool. However, they can be quite expensive if you lose them. This DIY ice-pack hack can be reused, which is great for the environment.

You can either buy a cheap pack of sponges, or you can find old ones in your home. Let the sponges soak in as much water as possible. Once the sponges have been soaked, place each sponge into a small sandwich bag that has a zipper. These bags have two functions. The first is that the water in the bag will melt, so it won’t get everywhere in your lunch bag. The second is that the water can be reabsorbed by the sponge, allowing it to be ready for refreeze the next day. The sponges should be frozen overnight. In the morning, you can simply put the ice pack in your lunch box.

These 12 creative kitchen hacks are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

DIY Car Mats

You can keep your car clean by cutting up old carpet scraps to use as mats. Our carpet scraps were less than $2 at Home Depot. You can either wash the DIY carpet scraps or throw them away and make more.

Be aware that these DIY car mats should not be placed on the driver’s side. Grippers on the bottom of the mat will ensure that it does not slip forward during driving.

Wooden Dents Can Be Removed

Wood surfaces with dents can be irritating. They can be fixed, but they are not impossible to fix. To fix them, soak a washcloth with water and then ring it to dry. Place the damp washcloth over the affected area. It will begin to wick through the wood. Place your iron at the highest setting. Now place the damp washcloth on top of the iron. Make small circular movements and move the iron around in a circle. Continue pressing down until the washcloth is dry. It will quickly evaporate. The wood fibers will absorb the water and expand back to their original size. Keep going with this process, adding more water until you get flush with the rest.

These quick fixes are for any nagging issues around the house.

Staple Removal Hack

Staple removers have perfectly-sized, thin teeth that slide easily between key rings. It spreads the key rings apart, making it easier to insert a new key. This will save you the effort of prying open key rings with your nails. Learn other DIY office hacks in

Support a Tension Rod by Using Water Bottle Caps

My wife sews clothes for our children and hangs them in closets with a curtain tension rod. One day, she explained to me that the pole was constantly slipping and falling. I began to search for an object that could be screwed into a wall and fit around the tension rod’s ends: water bottle caps.

Two water bottle caps were secured to the walls using drywall screws. Then, I attached the tension rod inside the caps. Rodney Sheets: The tension rod is supported by the lip of each cap so that it doesn’t drop anymore.

Use Car Wax to coat your snowshovel

It can be difficult enough to shovel snow. But, if heavy snow sticks or freezes on your shovel, it can make it even more frustrating! This problem can be avoided by coating your shovel in car wax before you go out to clear your driveway or walk paths.

This tip is best for metal shovels. Follow the instructions on the car wax packaging. Car wax should be applied thinly using a damp cloth. Once dry, it should be buffed off with dry cloth. The shovel is left clean and lubricated so that the snow and ice don’t stick.

Find your Lost Items

It’s annoying to not be able to locate a lost pill or an earring back. How can you quickly find these items? Use your vacuum. Use your vacuum. These clever hacks and practical uses of rubber bands go beyond what they were intended for.

Erase Permanent Marker for a Dry Erase Board

It’s possible to accidentally write on a whiteboard with a permanent marker. It’s much easier than you might think to erase permanent marker marks from a whiteboard. You can simply trace over the permanent marker artwork using a dry erase marker and then wipe it off with an eraser, or dry cloth. You will love your dry erase board!

Get rid of wobbly furniture with just a penny

Do you need to adjust a table or bench that is wobbly? But don’t have the time to go to the furniture center to get feet for it? You don’t have to worry, grab your wallet!

A coin can be used to help with wobbly furniture. Hot glue can be used to attach the coin to the problem areas, and you can add additional coins as necessary. Because they are available in many thicknesses, coins can be used as temporary fixes.

Make notes on the washer

Use a dry-erase marker on your washer to mark which items are not allowed in the dryer. This way, anyone who switches the load from the washer to the dryer will be able to see which items are best left out for drying on the line.

Most washing machine lids have an enamel finish that is similar to a whiteboard. Dry-erase markers can easily be removed with a dry towel.

Magnetized Drill Hack

When I am working on a project, I like to have all the screws at my fingertips. How close? They stick right to my drill. You may find that some drills have a magnetized section for this purpose. If yours doesn’t, you can fix it. Attach a rare earth magnet to your drill’s back and screw it down. A tool belt is not necessary for small tasks. – Lucas Kuck

Bring Dead Sharpies back to Life

Dryed-out Sharpies don’t pose a problem when it comes to workshop issues. They can be annoying if you don’t have another Sharpie to mark your measurements and project notes.

Simply remove the back of your permanent marker to bring it back to life. Each brand’s permanent marker will have a different procedure. For Sharpies, simply take out the back nib. Next, add a few drops to the felt material. To ensure that the alcohol is fully absorbed, shake the marker. It is the solvent the ink is mixed with, which dries first, rendering the pigment insoluble. After the felt has absorbed the rubbing alcohol for about a few minutes, the marker will be as good as new.

Use a ceramic mug as a sharpening stone

Most ceramic coffee mugs come with a flat, unglazed bottom that can be used to quickly sharpen dull knives or blades. If you are in dire need of sharpening your utility knife, pocket knife or scissors but don’t have access a sharpening tool, you can flip over a ceramic coffee cup and use the non-glazed outer edge as an emergency sharpening material.

Run the blade along the bottom of your mug at 45 degrees angle. Start from the tip and work your way around. Then slide the blade in one direction. Keep your fingers away from the blade as you go.

Although this is not the best way to sharpen your blades constantly, it will work well if you have to sharpen a blade quickly. We recommend that you eventually invest in a blade-sharpening kit. Go to to learn how you can sharpen your gardening tools .